Project Description

Esther is 99 years young! After only three months of retirement (her husband retired as well) she just couldn’t take it and returned to the workplace for another 20 years working. Since moving to Glenwood Place in 2009, Esther is usually the last resident in her apartment every night and also the last one to get up every morning. Very happy and easy going the only time she complains is when the piano is out of tune. One afternoon in the Community Room at Glenwood Place, residents were waiting for Clarisse to play the piano and were wondering how much longer they were going to have to wait. Esther just popped up and walked over to the piano and starting playing! After a bit she started asking for requests and totally entertained the residents for over an hour.  It was incredible.  They clapped after every song too! She has an organ in her apartment but never plays it because as her daughter states, she doesn’t have an audience!