Project Description

Doris has lived in Dubuque all her life. She raised 9 children, volunteered at the Arboretum, continues to Sing with Sinsinawa Singers every Wednesday, but had never been on a real farm. Cindy Lynch, Hair Stylist at Sunset Park Place, and her husband Kevin have a farm just outside Cascade, and we planned a trip to make this dream come true for Doris. The Lynch Farm is home to 6 ducks, 25 chickens, a couple of feisty roosters, a few cats, 3 pigs, 160 beef cattle, a dog, and a horse. We enjoyed driving around the farm and learning about what a day in the life of a farmer is all about. We also had the opportunity to visit the Lynch organic dairy farm across the highway that belongs to Kevin’s brother and family. Everyone had a wonderful time visiting the Lynch farm. Some of the residents enjoyed reminiscing about living on or visiting family farms. Doris was delighted to be on a real farm. “It was really neat!”