There’s a chill in the air and the leaves have begun to change and fall. We’re saying goodbye to one season and welcoming in the next, the same way we adjust and adapt to the seasons of life. Fortunately, we don’t often go to bed with the air conditioning on high and wake up to snow on the ground and frost on the windows. There’s a gradual change from one season to the next that allows us to prepare and transition smoothly. We want the same for our residents as they transition from home to one of our retirement living communities.

One of the ways we ensure a smooth transition is by offering short-term, winter stays to those who want the safety, convenience and company our communities offer all winter long. Easy travel, light maintenance and good health are more typical in spring and summer when snow, ice and frigid temperatures are months away. When winter hits, you may find yourself worrying for a senior in your life. Consider touring one of our Senior Housing communities across Iowa and Illinois to have a plan before the snow falls!

Residents who choose to spend their winters in a Senior Housing Community can bring their own furniture or use our fully furnished respite accommodations. They enjoy all the comforts and amenities of a permanent resident during their stay. In the spring when the ground thaws and the weather warms up, if our snowbirds choose, they can return home. However, once they get a taste of the hospitality, friendship and delicious food… most consider staying!

If you’re interested in learning more about Senior Housing’s respite programs or short-term winter accommodations visit the “Managed Communities” page to find a location near you or call 1-800-366-6716. We’d be happy to help provide peace of mind for you this winter!