Winter with Us! – November 2018

There’s a chill in the air and the leaves have begun to change and fall. We’re saying goodbye to one season and welcoming in the next, the same way we adjust and adapt to the seasons of life. Fortunately, we don’t often go to bed with the air conditioning on high and wake up to snow on the ground and frost on the windows. There’s a gradual change from one season to the next that allows us to prepare and transition smoothly. We want the same for our residents as they transition from home to one of our retirement living communities.

One of the ways we ensure a smooth transition is by offering short-term, winter stays to those who want the safety, convenience and company our communities offer all winter long. Easy travel, light maintenance and good health are more typical in spring and summer when snow, ice and frigid temperatures are months away. When winter hits, you may find yourself worrying for a senior in your life. Consider touring one of our Senior Housing communities across Iowa and Illinois to have a plan before the snow falls!

Residents who choose to spend their winters in a Senior Housing Community can bring their own furniture or use our fully furnished respite accommodations. They enjoy all the comforts and amenities of a permanent resident during their stay. In the spring when the ground thaws and the weather warms up, if our snowbirds choose, they can return home. However, once they get a taste of the hospitality, friendship and delicious food… most consider staying!

If you’re interested in learning more about Senior Housing’s respite programs or short-term winter accommodations visit the “Managed Communities” page to find a location near you or call 1-800-366-6716. We’d be happy to help provide peace of mind for you this winter!

Arlington Place To Host Townhome Groundbreaking

FAYETTE COUNTY – Arlington Place at Oelwein is pleased to announce the construction of Independent Living Townhomes. The new townhomes will be constructed west of Arlington Place located on 12th Ave SW. To recognize the beginning of the project, a groundbreaking ceremony will be held on Friday, September 28th at 11:30 AM.

Download the full press release HERE

“Capture the Moment”-National Assisted Living Week 2018 – September 2018

The biggest holiday in our industry is just around the corner as National Assisted Living Week kicks off on Sunday, September 9th. Starting with Grandparents Day, each of our 26 communities across Iowa and Illinois will embark on a week-long effort to highlight what exactly makes our communities special and important in the spectrum of care and continuum of aging for seniors.

This year’s theme, “Capture the Moment,” shines a flashbulb at the importance of recognizing what makes people lives fuller, happier and healthier in their retirement years. In fact, the theme aligns quite well with our own mantra of “Embracing Every Moment” and our Dare to Dream Program. We maintain that our residents’ best lives are lived in the small joys that can be brought about with simple gestures and are punctuated by the major moments of joy that a dream come true can ignite.

I invite you to take a look at our “Managed Communities” page and find a Senior Housing Community near you to explore in September. You’re bound to find events and activities highlighting the “Capture the Moment” theme and will no doubt feel the powerful effects this credence carries in our communities far beyond National Assisted Living Week.

With summer wrapping up and fall closing in, this is also an ideal time see what is available for yourself or a loved one before winter arrives. Many families have toured over the spring and summer and will be returning to make plans before the snow flies. Take this opportunity to see the best of what Senior Housing has to offer and reserve an apartment at a community that provides peace of mind, quality in health care, meaningfulness in life and a reputation of doing the ‘ordinary’ in an extraordinary way!

Allen Phillips, President – September 2018

Growing our Commitment to Seniors… One Community at a Time! – August 2018

Senior Housing began 2018 with the addition of four communities to our comprehensive selection of retirement living communities in Iowa and Illinois. Today, we are proud to have welcomed two additional communities, bringing our total 26 buildings filled with compassionate, dedicated caregivers and residents who “Embrace Every Moment!”

Earlier this summer, Country Manor, located in Davenport, Iowa, became our third managed community specializing solely in Memory Care and enriching the lives of those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. Most recently, Mayvil Senior Living located on the southwest side of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, joined our corridor communities of Brown Deer Place, Emery Place and Garnett Place. We’re looking forward to completing an extensive renovation and remodeling project at this Residential Care Community in the coming months.

As President of Senior Housing Management, I could not be more proud of the homes we are providing seniors in the Midwest. From our all-inclusive lifestyles and quality health care services, to our signature life enrichment programming and unique Dare to Dream Program, we’re making it our business to be the best places to live, work and visit.

If you or someone you love is interested in apartment rental, employment or volunteer opportunities, we’d be happy to provide more information. Simply call 1-800-366-6716 to learn more. Who knows… joining our Senior Housing Family may be the most thoughtful gift you give yourself!

Allen Phillips, President – August 2018

Increasing Your Independence – July 2018

As the largest management company of Retirement Living Communities in Iowa, we’ve helped thousands of families find comfort and peace of mind in choosing the right living situation for their loved one’s unique life stage. Each tour presents a fresh set of challenges and a new opportunity for improving quality of life for all parties involved. It’s a joy of ours to be involved in these transitions, as they overwhelmingly become positive transformations.

Having this opportunity to work with so many families also means we’ve heard a lot of concerns about what daily life in a retirement living community is like. More often than not, the potential resident’s independence is at the heart of our discussions. Some believe that a move to a retirement living community means giving up independence and, in turn, dignity. It’s something no one wants to consider at any age.

It is at this juncture in the conversation that we pose these questions:
1. Does your senior loved one still have a driver license?
2. How often does he/she get together with friends and family or participate in extracurriculars?
3. What is your loved one’s physical health and mobility like?
4. Does he/she have multiple levels in their current home?

These four questions highlight just how much independence seniors may not have in their own home, outside of one of our Retirement living Communities. Through basic offerings such as our complimentary transportation, unique life enrichment activities (including Live 2 B Healthy Senior Exercise Program) and handicap accessible communities, we are able to maximize independence for all residents.

Pair those offerings with our privacy practices and you’re sure to see a difference in overall quality of life and dignity preservation to the highest degree. If you’ve struggled with the topic of independence as you consider a move for yourself or a loved one, please reach out to us. We’d be happy to provide the information and resources you need to make an informed decision.

Allen Phillips, President – July 2018

Senior Exercise: Reducing Falls & Improving Overall Health – May 2018

Did you know that May is National Health and Fitness Month? Years ago, we hopped on the Live 2 B Healthy bandwagon and began providing complimentary senior exercise classes for our residents. Our goal was to provide an activity that people not only enjoyed participating in, but also improved their daily life!

Since that time, we’ve increased frequency to three classes per week in most all of our communities, opened the program up to the public at no cost and have seen dramatic decreases in falls, among other outstanding outcomes.

This social-based activity aims to bring seniors of all ages and abilities together to improve balance, stamina, flexibility, and more… including mental status! Live 2 B Healthy personal trainers specialize in leading these upbeat and evidence-based classes. Did you or a loved one complete physical therapy or rehab after an illness or injury? Live 2 B Healthy can help continue your road to recovery even after those services have ended.

If you’re interested in attending a Live 2 B Healthy senior exercise class at one of our Retirement Living Communities, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-366-6716 or visit the “Contact Us” page. We’d be happy to let you know of the available classes near you! You can also learn more by visiting

Allen Phillips, President – May 2018

Caregiver Stress: We Can Help! – April 2018

Being in this industry for over 14 years, we believe a large part of our success in helping seniors thrive in their retirement years comes from the compassion and expertise of our team members. A prerequisite for being an employee at any one of our communities is a genuine interest and passion to “Embrace Every Moment” of our residents’ journeys.

It is because of this dedication, and the depth of our teams, that we can give 100% to the individuals who call our communities ‘home’ each and every day. If you are a caregiver looking after a senior loved one at home, you may not have the resources or opportunity to get a break from the day-to-day stresses of this responsibility.
Have you ever been on a plane ride? At the beginning, the flight attendant shares safety tips and protocols should there be an emergency. One of the topics discussed is the oxygen masks that drop from above if there is a change in pressure. The flight attendants take care in instructing passengers to secure their own oxygen mask before assisting others.

Do you know why this is? You can’t truly give others the care and attention they need to thrive without ensuring that your own wellbeing is accounted for first. It is very easy to find yourself in a situation where you feel burnt out and at your breaking point.

With support groups held in our communities, our respite programs and helpful advice from industry experts when you need it the most, Senior Housing Communities can help YOU! Want to learn more? Call us at 1-800-366-6716 or visit the Contact Us page.

Allen Phillips, President – April 2018


CERRO GORDO COUNTY – Country Meadow Place, a Mason City retirement community specializing in care for those with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, has announced the construction of a $3.9 million addition which will offer 20 new Assisted Living apartments as well as shared common space. Construction will begin with removal of the community’s recognizable water tower, which can be seen from Highway 18 just east of Mason City.

Download the full press release HERE

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