Project Description

A resident at Sunset Park Place overheard Shelly Gessner, Life Enrichment Coordinator, playing the piano and wanted to keep one of the sing-a-long lyrics books handed to everyone. She told Shelly she used to play the piano. Later, on Pi Day, Sunset Park Place hosted Free Pie Day in the afternoon. Shelly played background music, and this resident and her family came to enjoy a piece of pie. Once again they discussed how she used to play the piano… She just needed her music! The resident’s husband brought in a book of duets the following morning. Shelly invited her to the activity room to play the piano, for her Dare to Dream. The pair played several duets together. She would flip through the pages, find her favorite pieces and played until she was tired out! She was delighted to play again and would like to keep practicing so she could play as well as she once did. As part 2 of this Dare to Dream, Sunset Park Place proposed the idea of performing at their annual Talent Show in the fall. This Dare to Dream is really a kick-off for her to revive an old hobby that she is very passionate about.