Project Description

Neal, Maintenance Coordinator, and Lou are good friends. With Lou’s apartment being close to Neal’s office, Lou always knows what Neal is up to! For Lou’s Dare to Dream, Neal asked him to help run some errands. Their first stop was the lumber store to pick out paint colors for our hospitality room. Next was Wal-Mart for odds and ends. The new Hawkeye hat wasn’t planned, but once the hat went on Lou’s head, it wasn’t coming off! They even made a wish-list in the sporting goods aisle for their spring/summer plans! Neal then took Lou to Neal’s parent’s house to visit the coon dogs per Lou’s request. Their last planned stop was DQ for an ice cream cone! On their way back, Lou pointed down the street where his mom and dad’s jewelry store used to be. Cook’s Jewelry is currently operated in Iowa City by Lou’s brother and nephew but the original Cook’s jewelry started in Tipton in 1951. Lou returned to the community with the biggest smile on his face while performing the Elvis Presley dance move, “Thank you very much!”