Project Description

Meet Ken the official bell ringer for the Drake Relays for the past 52 years and a professor at Drake University for 42 years. It has been 2 years since he has rung the bell during the Drake relays.  His wife Betty and Ken have always gone to the Relays and are avid Drake fans.  When I told Ken, we were going to Drake Relays.  His face just lite up.  Betty had his Drake Relays Official jacket, shirt and hat on.  Initially, we were attempting to get him to ring the bell during a live race, but because of the congestion at the start/finish line there was some potential danger.  Tom our bus driver took Ken and his wife to the Officials tent area during a break in the action.  He was able to see a lot of people that he worked with and officiated with.   When the master official saw Ken he told someone to run to get that bell! He was able to ring it one more time!  There was a lot of tears in the Officials tent area and happy faces because they were able to see their friend one more time.