Project Description

Jeanette does not have to tell you what her hobby is. When you walk into her apartment she has scraps of fabric scattered about and, lo and behold, you will find a craft table with a sewing machine on it! Jeanette is a quilter, a seamstress, a knitter, a crochet-er and an all-around crafty kind of gal. “Everybody can use a quilt,” she says. Jeannette loves to use her talents to make someone’s day. For her Dare to Dream Jeannette opened her quilting doors for a resident with a bath robe that she had to hold closed because it needed some stitching. Kaylene, introduced the two and Jeannette was overjoyed to have a job; something to keep her hands busy! If having purpose wasn’t enough to make her day, the joy and gratification of the resident in need sure did.