Project Description

Evelyn has resided at Arlington Place since 2009, which surprises her greatly. She doesn’t remember where she lives or how she got here. She does know, however, that she is in a place where they “take very good care of me.” One of her favorite stories is herding cows as a girl. In the summer, she would herd the cows up and down the country roads so they could graze in the ditches. She had two favorite places to take them – to the neighbors, because “she was such a good cook,” – and to the creek.  At the creek was a tree where she would find monarch butterfly chrysalises. She would bring one or two home, put them in a jar, and watch the butterflies emerge. She lights up when she tells this story of her special place. This summer we obtained a “cup of caterpillars” and watched them spin their cocoons and develop into butterflies. This is Evelyn reliving her favorite childhood memory.