Project Description

Alice is a makeup-wearing, accessory-dazzling, video-gaming, life-of-the-party kind of gal. Every night she encourages the night shift staff member to sit in the comfy chair opposing her, eat a piece of chocolate and talk about life in general. If you ever are fortunate enough to meet Alice, you would be shocked to learn she is 104 years old! Alice was a teacher in a one room schoolhouse and has always had a love of teaching, sharing, and writing. The way she talks about the written word and the value of hand written documents and print is truly rare. Then there are her journals. She says, “of course I journal!” She says everyone has a story to write and this one is hers, although she doesn’t want to be around when people read it! For Alice’s Dare to Dream the Grundy Register did a beautiful piece on our amazing resident, and it was a front page article to boot!