September is our favorite time of year because it brings the best holiday in the industry: National Assisted Living Week. Across the states of Iowa and Illinois, our communities have been gearing up for the festivities and making plans to celebrate. This year’s theme, “Family is Forever,” couldn’t be a better fit for us! When you move to a Senior Housing Managed Community, you become our family. Not only the resident themselves, but their loved ones as well! If you haven’t already, visit our community websites and check out the September calendar of events to see if there are any activities you or a loved one would like to join!

Family members and loved ones who are just like family, influence all of our daily lives. If you’re as lucky as we are, their impact is a positive one. Every now and again, we hear from those who inquire about our services, “I promised Mom I’d never move her out of her home.” By this point, there has probably been a negative incident, such as a fall or an illness, that has spurred an investigation into Assisted Living options. If you’re reading this and feeling like you’re in the same boat, you’re not alone! Change can be stressful, but not negative!

Our job is to demonstrate to you and your loved one how life will improve with a move to one of our Retirement Living Communities. Looking into options for your loved one is not “going back” on your promise at all! As someone who loves and cares about their wellbeing, your senior loved one will begin to see the numerous benefits of moving to a Retirement Living Community. Here are some talking points:

  1. A Retirement Living Community is NOT a Nursing Home!
  2. Rather than losing independence, your options and capabilities will increase!
  3. Meals, medication management, exercise and social activities to prolong your life and make your retirement years your best years!
  4. No long-term lease; just month-to-month rentals. Come for the winter if you’d like!

If you’re looking for a reason to tour a Retirement Living Community, September is the perfect time. Come on in to any of our communities and see how we’re making each move-in a memory and each resident a family member!